Mothers of Mass Destruction

You had a baby, you have a body, now it’s time to rebuild!
What this is:
A place to learn/relearn the basics of functional fitness & 
Learn how to move your new body.
A place to meet other moms.
A place to start!
What it’s not:
A quick weight loss plan.
A “get ur body back” class.
When you start any fitness plan, you’re likely to lose weight- but I’m all about doing it for the fun of it, the strength gains! Your body never left so you don’t have to work at all to GET IT BACK but you may want to feel more like your New, improved Mom-self!
Commit to 6 weeks, 4x weekly workouts. Start where you are. Gain strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence.
If you wanna get in on this 6 week class with me you need to message me! This is in-person only; I think the pregnant/postpartum mom needs waaaay more attention to detail so we have to do it IN PERSON.
The MOMBOD Rebuild is open to any woman who is pregnant and any amount of time postpartum. All adjustments will be made for YOU and where YOU are and the body you have THAT day.
Contact us if you’re interested in this program. This program has specific dates where registration is open. We’ll be able to let you know when the next cycle is to start.