Asst. Coach/Co-programmer/Foam rolling and stretching emissary/Thor

Hello! My name is Red. I’m a displaced ginger Mexican of slightly higher stature. I’m a father, friend and fitness enthusiast. I’ve spent the last several years testing multiple workout methods, training regiments, and diets. I’ve sampled various pharmaceuticals, Indian rituals, Norse prayers and pre-war dances, and have come to the conclusion that there are many pathways to fitness. My big, red desire is to help those looking to make a change by applying a combination of methods to achieve their goals. Whether they simply want to get healthy, grow their biceps, grow their beards, slim their lonjas, drop their blood pressure or drop their enemies into an early grave, control their diabetes through activity and diet, grow their bahunkus to that of a Brazilian booty model, or just get out and get moving. Vikings allows the strangest yet sincerest feeling of unity. It has become a place of rest as well as a place of deathly hard work. Where we laugh hysterically at and with one another, cheer each other on while striving to make new personal records. Listen while one pukes their frustrations out. A place to blow off steam and de-stress. To allow you the place and time to gather yourself, believe in who you are and then walk back out into the cold cruel world and kick it in the nuts!!!!