Coach, CF-L1 This is Warren.  Warren is a badass. Warren has several years of experience coaching others and has the energy level of a raging 3 year old. He will definitely keep you pumped through your workout without the pre-workout.

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Coach/Dr. Mom/GI Joe Enthusiast Director of Vikings Kids Program and Mothers of Mass Destruction CF-L1, CF Kids, BirthFit Hi I’m Brenna-I’m a wife, mom to two boys, a US Coast Guard veteran, and the Kids Fitness coach at Vikings Strength & Conditioning. I believe in the power of physical activity and its positive effects on…

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Asst. Coach/Co-programmer/Foam rolling and stretching emissary/Thor Hello! My name is Red. I’m a displaced ginger Mexican of slightly higher stature. I’m a father, friend and fitness enthusiast. I’ve spent the last several years testing multiple workout methods, training regiments, and diets. I’ve sampled various pharmaceuticals, Indian rituals, Norse prayers and pre-war dances, and have come…

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Mike Flo

Owner CF L1 Hey everyone! Mike Flo here. I opened up Vikings Strength & Conditioning in May 2016. I can honestly say it wasn’t planned and it just sorta happened. I can also honestly say that I love the family that has been created here. I’m here to educate, train and encourage everyone who is…

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Coach Rob has several years of experience in coaching others. Like anyone else, Rob has had some hard times, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his fitness goals. If you ever get to see Rob in action, he has that bar path that will make your toes curl.

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This is Coach Dave. Dave not only has great hair, but he has the patience of a Saint and a huge heart. Dave strives to better others and himself. Dave has been a part of our Vikings Family since our early years and has an undying passion for coaching and helping others. Dave is easily…

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