This is Warren. Warren is a badass. Warren has several years of experience coaching others and has the energy level of a raging 3 year old. He will definitely keep you pumped through your workout without the pre-workout.

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Coach/Dr. Mom/GI Joe Enthusiast Director of Vikings Kids Program and Babies & Barbells CF-L1, CF Kids, BirthFit Hi I’m Brenna-I’m a wife, mom to two boys, a US Coast Guard veteran, and the Kids Fitness coach at Vikings Strength & Conditioning. I believe in the power of physical activity and its positive effects on the…

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Asst. Coach/Co-programmer/Foam rolling and stretching emissary/Thor Hello! My name is Red. I’m a displaced ginger Mexican of slightly higher stature. I’m a father, friend and fitness enthusiast. I’ve spent the last several years testing multiple workout methods, training regiments, and diets. I’ve sampled various pharmaceuticals, Indian rituals, Norse prayers and pre-war dances, and have come…

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Mike Flo

Owner CF L1 Hey everyone! Mike Flo here. I opened up Vikings Strength & Conditioning in May 2016. I can honestly say it wasn’t planned and it just sorta happened. I can also honestly say that I love the family that has been created here. I’m here to educate, train and encourage everyone who is…

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