One year ago before the band broke up to pursue solo creative projects. Red with his rapping about ultrasounds and salmon patties, Brenna with her menstruation-procreation or whatever, and Mike with his voyeurism 🎥 or behind the scenes villain-creepin-while-ur-sleepin type stuff, I mean, everyone’s just so busy now. • Don’t worry - Red & Mike … Continue reading

19.2 in the Books

Have YOU done 19.2 yet? This picture doesn’t prove it but I *think* they did it.Don't let the complexity of the WOD scare you away from doing it. Do it. Find a buddy and let this workout destroy you! Because recovery is the path to becoming stronger and healthier.

Nuggets for WOD 181023

Looks like we're doing pull ups again! If you wanna learn some more about pull ups and some progressions while you're at home or killing time at work, check out these cool videos we made for awesome people just like you! 🙂 Banded Pull Ups Kipping Progressions